Support Yachad’s application to join the Board of Deputies

On Sunday 16th November, the Board of Deputies of British Jews will vote on whether to admit Yachad as a membership organisation to the Board of Deputies 

An explanation of the vote from the Board of Deputies Constitution Committee:

The requirements for admission of a non synagogal organisation to representation on the Board are that it must be admitted on the recommendation of the Constitution Committee and with the approval of two thirds of the members present and voting at an ordinary meeting of the Board. Ordinarily the qualifications for a recommendation include that the organisation has at least 500 paid up members at the time of application, has had that number for two years immediately preceding its application for membership and, at a general meeting of the organisation, the members must have the right either of directly electing Deputies or electing the governing council which itself has the right to elect deputies

Yachad, in common with a number of other organisations which are already represented on the Board, is a company limited by guarantee and its only members are the signatories to the guarantee. This is invariably a small number and in Yachad’s case is seven.   For cases such as this the constitution provides that:

The Constitution Committee may … at its discretion at any time recommend for representation on the Board any other Jewish organisation, whether or not it satisfies the conditions [referred to above], if it considers that any such organisation is beneficial to the interests of the community and should be represented on the Board.

The Constitution Committee, with the exception of one member, has decided to exercise its discretion and recommends Yachad for representation on the Board as, in its view, Yachad is beneficial to the community and should be so represented.

Two letters appear on this website in support of Yachad’s application to join the Board of Deputies: one signed by people who have led grassroots community organisations, and the other from Zionist youth movements. Click on the links above to read the letters and view the signatories. 

If you have led a grassroots organisation and would like to add your name to the open letter, please email with your name, position, organisation and years of office 

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